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Fish Post-Grant Radio: A series of podcasts dedicated to the discussion of developments in post-grant proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and related practice tips.

Rick Bisenius and Stuart Nelson, Principals in our Twin Cities office, speak with practitioners and thought leaders across the country to discuss a wide range of post-grant topics. Be sure to visit to listen to all of our past episodes and to subscribe to this podcast! You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter or subscribe by choosing one of the methods below.

If you would like to be featured in an episode of Fish Post-Grant Radio or have ideas for future show topics, please let us know.

March 31 , 2022

Fish Post Grant Radio: Episode #16: Kevin McNish, McNish PLLC

Fish principal and host Rick Bisenius speaks with Kevin McNish from McNish PLLC to discuss appeals to the Federal Circuit from the PTAB, including:

  • What factors to consider when deciding whether to request a rehearing at the PTAB, appeal to the Federal Circuit, or take your outcome as is
  • Selecting issues to raise on appeal
  • Filing a cross-appeal
  • Best practices for briefing
  • PTAB hearings versus Federal Circuit oral arguments

January 10 , 2022

Fish Post-Grant Radio: Episode #15: Nick Tsui, Alston & Bird

Fish principal and host Rick Bisenius speaks with guest and former co-counsel Nick Tsui, a senior associate with Alston & Bird’s Intellectual Property Litigation Group. They discuss the interplay between concurrent proceedings before the PTAB and district court or the ITC. The episode covers:

  • Expert testimony at the PTAB and district court or the ITC
  • Leveraging arguments at the PTAB for a district court or ITC proceeding
  • Differences between depositions at a district court proceeding and a PTAB proceeding and strategic approaches to take
  • Choosing the same or different experts for PTAB proceedings and district court proceedings

November 4 , 2021

Fish Post-Grant Radio: Episode #14: Tom Rozylowicz

This episode of Fish Post-Grant Radio, hosted by Rick Bisenius, touches on AI and Machine Learning with Tom Rozylowicz, a principal in our Washington, D.C. office. With a market that is estimated to be around $300 billion by 2026, they dive into recent post-grant proceedings that touch upon these technologies.

August 17 , 2021

Fish Post-Grant Radio: Episode #13: Rick Bisenius

This episode of Fish Post-Grant Radio features Fish attorneys Stuart Nelson – in his final episode as host – and Rick Bisenius, who will take over from Stuart going forward. In it, they discuss major precedential PTAB decisions, including Apple v. Fintiv, Ex parte Grillo-Lopez, and Hunting Titan v. DynaEnergetics.

October 19 , 2018

Fish Post-Grant Radio: Episode #12: Kim Leung and Tasha Francis, Ph.D.

Fish Post-Grant Radio’s 12th episode features Principal Stuart Nelson and Associates Kim Leung and Tasha Francis, Ph.D. In this interview, they discuss the PTAB’s newly issued claims construction rule and its impacts on post-grant proceedings.

Click here to read the full text of the rule in the Federal Register.