October 3, 2019

Federal Circuit and Supreme Court Yearly Review

Recent Supreme Court decisions regarding intellectual property (IP) law have had a significant impact on IP holders, and the Federal Circuit continues to shape the evolving legal landscape. In this Fish Litigation Webinar, Principals John DragsethLauren Degnan, and Rob Courtney discuss the impacts and implications of recent Federal Circuit and Supreme Court IP cases and notable anticipated opinions, including:

  • New Supreme Court precedent in HelsinnReturn Mail, and Brunetti
  • The Federal Circuit post-SAS
  • Celgene and its interaction with Oil States
  • Patent eligibility in view of Berkheimer/AatrixAthena, and more
  • Copyright and fair use in Google v. Oracle
  • Written description in Nalpropion
  • Agency discretion in Laerdal and BioDelivery
  • Anticipated opinions in Lucky Brand and Click-to-Call
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