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October 9, 2013

Engineering Pedigree the Key to Fish & Richardson’s Relationship with Perceptive Pixel

Following a groundbreaking demonstration in 2006, Perceptive Pixel quickly became an industry leader in multi-touch display technology. In 2008, Perceptive Pixel’s Multi-Touch “Magic Wall” was at the forefront of the US presidential election television coverage, as the technological centerpiece of CNN’s Peabody Award–winning broadcast. More recently, Perceptive Pixel’s 82-inch Multi-Touch Display was front and center when Microsoft introduced Windows 8.

Meanwhile, Fish & Richardson worked alongside Perceptive Pixel to ensure that their intellectual property strategy was aligned with their fast-growing business, and that their groundbreaking inventions remained protected. Prior to engaging with Fish & Richardson, Perceptive Pixel worked with a smaller, local general practice firm. Jeff Han, the founder of Perceptive Pixel, recently commented:

“We’re glad we originally started with a smaller firm because now we can recognize the quality difference that Fish & Richardson brings. You need to have lawyers who have the engineering backgrounds and qualifications to match your own engineers, and ours feel as if they have a kinship with the Fish attorneys. It’s a pleasure to explain and disclose our inventions because they ‘get it’ as if they’re our own engineers.”

Perceptive Pixel’s patent portfolio expanded as the company grew, requiring significant strategic oversight beyond the patenting of inventions. Mr. Han added:

“Fish is extremely good at strategically laying out and advising us about our IP portfolio. Not just in the recent changes in patent law, but in understanding the nature of our company and providing really strategic advice with relation to patent prosecution. Fish strategically ‘groks’ our technology so well that when a response to the USPTO is necessary, we trust them to do the right thing, and all we have to do is a final approval.”

Perceptive Pixel’s products were built to provide government and commercial organizations with industry-leading multi-touch solutions that navigate the complex interactions of simultaneous touch inputs and maximize their ability to process information. Simultaneously, Fish & Richardson’s attorneys provided Perceptive Pixel with industry-leading legal advice to navigate the complex world of patent law and maximize their investments in intellectual property.

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