Detailed biographies of our post-grant practice members are provided below, including direct contact information. Please feel free to contact any of our attorneys directly, or email us.

Karl Renner

Principal, Co-Chair | Washington, DC | 202-626-6447 |

Mr. Renner has provided the strategic direction for well over 300 post-grant matters, challenging and defending patents, most commonly in coordination with litigation counsel amidst co-pending disputes. He regularly counsels clients with regard to their patent prosecution strategy and defensive tactics to address their competitor IP.

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Chad Shear

Principal, Co-Chair | Southern California | 858-678-4730 |

Mr. Shear brings a unique perspective to Fish’s post-grant practice as he focuses primarily on life sciences and pharmaceutical litigation. His experience creating and achieving successful litigation strategies perfectly complements the group’s patent prosecution expertise for an unyielding approach to helping clients auspiciously execute their post-grant proceedings.

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Dorothy Whelan

Principal, Co-Chair | Twin Cities | 612-337-2509 |

Ms. Whelan’s practice emphasizes post-grant proceedings, client counseling, strategic patent portfolio design and management, due diligence investigations, and freedom-to-operate studies, particularly in the chemical and materials science areas. She has extensive experience in post-grant proceedings, having provided the strategic direction for well over 100 post-grant matters involving both challenging and defending patents.

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Gwilym Attwell

Principal | Delaware | 302-778-8458 |

Mr. Attwell counsels clients in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and manages the local Delaware presence of Fish’s highly regarded patent prosecution and counseling practice. He often assists clients in the strategic development and monetization of internal patent portfolios and patent process implementation. He also leads the Monthly Patent Webinar series that discusses a variety of procurement issues and strategies as well as hot topics relevant to inventors and company IP assets.

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Jeffrey J. Barclay

Principal | Boston | 617-368-2191 |

Mr. Barclay counsels clients in the fields of medical devices, electrical and computer technology, telecommunications and financial and business services. Along with US and international patent prosecution, he has extensive experience building global patent portfolios, licensing technologies and assisting with litigation matters. Mr. Barclay also has experience in multiple reexams and IPRs.

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Chris Bowley

Principal | New York | 212-765-5070 |

Mr. Bowley has a wealth of knowledge and experience creating patent strategy for and performing patent analysis on various sub-fields of physics including solid-state physics, optics, electricity and magnetism, mechanics, atomic, and molecular physics.

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Craig Countryman

Principal | Southern California | 858-678-5676 |

Mr. Countryman’s practice involves patent litigation and post-grant proceedings in all areas of technology.

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Sean Daley

Principal | Boston | 617-956-5940 |

Mr. Daley has focused his practice on strategic patent portfolio prosecution, but with his significant experience providing patent litigation counseling, he brings a unique set of skills to implementing successful post-grant proceedings.

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Roberto J. Devoto

Principal | Washington, DC | 202-783-5070 |

Mr. Devoto has had substantial experience in post-grant proceedings, including post-AIA IPR proceedings and pre-AIA ex parte and inter partes reexamination proceedings. Mr. Devoto has provided the strategic direction for over 30 AIA post grant matters, challenging and defending patents.

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John Dragseth

Principal | Twin Cities | 612-337-2550 |

Mr. Dragseth, named one of the top 50 IP attorneys in the country under the age of 45, focuses his practice on complex legal analysis and writings. As this has most notably supported Fish’s thriving post-grant and appellate practices, he is a veteran in all things patent prosecution. He tends to focus on the technological areas of cloud computing, mobile computing, software, medical devices, and mechanical technologies.

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J. Patrick Finn

Principal | Twin Cities | 612-337-2554 |

J. Patrick Finn’s practice emphasizes patent preparation and prosecution, strategic portfolio management, patentability and freedom-to-operate searching and analysis, post-grant proceedings, opinions, due diligence investigations, licensing and counseling in the medical biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and medical science fields.

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Joshua Griswold

Principal | Dallas | 214-292-4034 |

Mr. Griswold’s practice includes all aspects of intellectual property law, with particular emphasis on contested intellectual property matters before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in the Federal courts.  He provides strategic counseling to clients, bringing a unique and well-rounded perspective of a skilled practitioner with deep experience both in procurement and in enforcement and defense.

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Michael Hamlin

Principal | Boston | 617-368-2104 |

Michael Hamlin, a member of the firm’s strategic medical device industry group, he also performs patent opinions and diligence projects with the sporting goods, consumer products, and machine tools industries. His portfolio management experience has enabled his clients to develop robust portfolios that deliver value back to the business and protect their IP.

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Michael Hawkins

Principal | Twin Cities | 612-337-2569 |

Mr. Hawkins’ practice emphasizes U.S. and foreign patent portfolio strategy and management. A large part of his work focuses on strategic counseling for emerging companies to develop a comprehensive approach to intellectual property. He has extensive experience with post-grant proceedings.

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Tracy Hitt

Principal | Atlanta | 404-724-2775 |

Mr. Hitt’s practice emphasizes patent prosecution in the area of electrical engineering.

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David M. Hoffman

Principal | Austin | 512-226-8154 |

Mr. Hoffman’s practice emphasizes patent litigation, post-grant review, patent prosecution, intellectual property counseling.

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William Hunter

Principal | Southern California | 858-678-4707 |

Mr. Hunter has significant experience in advising individuals, start-up companies, universities and research institutes, and technology and manufacturing companies. His technical focus encompasses the areas of computer and electrical engineering.

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Lawrence K. Kolodney

Principal | Boston | 617-521-7002 |

Lawrence Kolodney is a Principal in the Boston office of Fish & Richardson and chair of the firm’s Pro Bono Committee. His practice emphasizes intellectual property litigation and counseling, and patent prosecution. Mr. Kolodney has a particular interest in Internet law and technologies.

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Christopher Marchese

Principal | Southern California | 858-678-4314 |

Mr. Marchese’s practice focuses on patent litigation and post-grant proceedings, including cases involving computer networking, hardware, and software, as well as integrated circuits, compression technology, and wireless communications.

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Jeremy J. Monaldo

Principal | Washington, DC | 202-783-5070 |

Mr. Monaldo’s practice emphasizes prosecuting patent applications, reexamination requests and post grant petitions, and patent-related opinions in the electrical and computer arts.

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Wes Musselman

Principal | Dallas | 214-292-4030 |

Mr. Musselman is an acclaimed IP expert with a practice that focuses on providing guidance to his clients to successfully manage their intellectual property portfolios and licensing matters. He also has extensive experience handling IP litigation matters.

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Stuart Nelson

Principal | Twin Cities | (612) 337-2538 |

Stuart A. Nelson is a Principal in the Patent group at Fish & Richardson’s Twin Cities office. Mr. Nelson’s practice focuses on patents with a primary focus on post-grant proceedings, including experience on 40+ IPR proceedings.

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John Phillips

Principal | Southern California | 858-678-4304 |

Mr. Phillips brings a diverse view to his practice having worked in research development and then later as general counsel before joining Fish. He regularly provides client counseling and inter partes and ex parte post-grant work for his clients ranging from startups to large corporations.

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Timothy Riffe

Principal | Washington, DC | 202-626-6429 |

Mr. Riffe has handled technical matters in such diverse fields as medical devices, semiconductors, power generation, disc drives, beverage dispensing, telecommunications, oil refining processes, software, and toys.

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Thomas Rozylowicz

Principal | Washington, DC | 202-626-6395 |

Mr. Rozylowicz has extensive experience leading a variety of engineering projects for the National Security Agency, Department of Defense, and the National Intelligence Community. Building on this experience he has developed a robust patent practice that focuses primarily on electrical and computer technology.

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Steve Schaefer

Principal | Twin Cities | 612-337-2508 |

Mr. Schaefer devotes much of his time on contested patent matters in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and on licensing and other contractual agreement matters, specifically in the medical device and electronics industries. Additionally, he is a frequent lecturer on patent and licensing topics all over the world.

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Adam Shartzer

Principal | Washington, DC | 202-626-6380 |

Mr. Shartzer litigates cases across the country including the Eastern District of Texas, the Northern District of California, the District of Delaware, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the United States International Trade Commission.

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Hans Troesch

Senior Principal | Silicon Valley | 650-839-5008 |

Mr. Troesch joined Fish as a founding partner of the firm’s Silicon Valley office in 1992. His wealth of knowledge and experience has transformed his practice into a diverse range of services that include strategic patent counseling as well as advising on the use of third-party challenges to patents in the USPTO including inter partes review and post-grant review.

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Martina Tyreus Hufnal

Principal | Delaware | 302-778-8471 |

Martina Tyreus Hufnal is a Principal in the Delaware office of Fish & Richardson. Her practice focuses on intellectual property litigation and post-grant proceedings, and covers a wide range of technologies.

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Marc Wefers

Principal | Boston | 617-521-7857 |

Mr. Wefers practice focuses on patent strategy, including patent prosecution, adversarial proceedings before the USPTO, and litigation, especially in the technical areas of physics, optics, and chemistry. He joined the firm in 1996, having previously served as an associate, patent agent, and technology specialist with the firm.

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Andrew Dommer

Of Counsel | Twin Cities | 612-337-2522 |

Mr. Dommer’s patent prosecution practice focuses on computer technologies. He occasionally manages technical aspects of litigation which brings a rounded set of skills to his post-grant practice.

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Tasha Francis

Associate | Twin Cities | 612-766-2015 |

Dr. Tasha M. Francis is an Associate in the Twin Cities office of Fish & Richardson and is a member of the firm’s litigation group. Ms. Francis has been involved in cases in the areas of pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and medical devices.

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Daniel R. Gopenko

Associate | Washington, DC | 202-626-7745 |

Mr. Gopenko has previous IP law firm experience, and served as a Judicial Intern to the Honorable Randall R. Rader, Chief Judge, at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (2012), as well as a Judicial Intern to the Honorable Susan G. Braden at the United States Court of Federal Claims (2011).

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David Holt

Associate | Washington, DC | 202-626-7783 |

Mr. Holt’s practice focuses on post-grant proceedings and patent prosecution. He is also a former Patent Examiner for the USPTO.

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Andy I. Hsieh

Associate | Washington, DC | 202-626-7703 |

Dr. Andy Hsieh is an associate in the Washington, D.C., office of Fish & Richardson. Dr. Hsieh supports contentious inter partes and ex parte post grant proceedings, and reissue work.

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Aamir Kazi

Associate | Atlanta | 404-724-2811 |

Mr. Kazi’s practice emphasizes patent litigation as well as other areas of intellectual property litigation (including trademark and trade secret litigation), and complex commercial litigation.

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Brian J. Livedalen

Associate | Washington, DC | 202-638-6557 |

Mr. Livedalen’s practice is focused on all aspects of patent litigation in federal district court and before the United States International Trade Commission (ITC), and on post-grant proceedings before the USPTO.

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Andrew Patrick

Associate | Washington, DC | 202-626-7735 |

Mr. Patrick’s practice emphasizes post-grant proceedings, patent prosecution, client counseling, and portfolio development.

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Peter Poulin

Associate | Boston | 617-956-5901 |

Mr. Poulin’s practice supports patent prosecution in a variety of areas including optics, lasers, electro-optical and thin-film devices and sensors, semiconductor fabrication and microlithography, and biological imaging and image analysis.

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Dan Smith

Associate | Dallas | 214-292-4071 |

Mr. Smith’s practice emphasizes US and foreign patent prosecution, client counseling, and patent reexamination. He has extensive experience with software development

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Matthew P. Mosteller

Technology Specialist, Patent Agent | Washington, DC | 202-626-7751 |

Matt Mosteller is a Technology Specialist and Patent Agent in Fish’s Washington, D.C. office, where he has several years’ experience in post-grant proceedings and patent prosecution for a wide range of computer-related technologies. His current prosecution practice focuses on clients varying from individual inventors and pre-funding startups to large public companies.

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